About us

 Housefly Records is an independent internet record label promoting tracks of unsigned or less known artists worldwide. We are a non commercial organization and we release E.P's and L.P's in MP3 digital format, which can be downloaded and SHARED for FREE...Sounds good huh?

....want to know more?

We are always looking for music to release and we pride ourselves on being a Multi Genre Label which separates us from most other Net Labels.. Everything we release is under creative commons Licenses and every release is available to download for FREE from this website and various others

do things differently because we care about reputation yours and ours BUT
mostly we care about the music

Submission Info

The best way I've found to do this is pack your tracks (mp3 320 format) up in a rar/zip file and using a site like mediafire.com send the link via email to houseflyrecords@hotmail.co.uk.. or via Facebook Message Choose to best show case your style and tracks that flow into each other (these things are important trust me).. the trick is to treat it just like you would if you were making a playlist or a mixed cd for a friend....

I'm looking forward to hearing from you

Daniel Garner

Housefly Founder

Creative Commons Licence

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