It gives me great pleasure to say this is Nineball's second solo outing on Housefly Records.
Avestatic brings his trademark style deep  Drum and Bass.

Nineball has been engaged in music as a dj for almost 16 years and has produced music for around 3 years. His a real passion is for Drum & Bass mixing at more than a hundred small underground clubs and venues but he always trys to absorb as much music influences as possible which adds to the three dimensional feel of his music.

His primary purpose in life is to get recognition as a musician in the field he is creating following in the footsteps of his contemporaries.. In the future, Us here at Housefly Records are hoping hear more from him as a solo artist he is open to new ideas and not afraid of good teamwork.

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This Saturday a good friend of ours Dj Joker will be kicking off your weekend with 2 hours of quality dance music..  playing a little something for every one..  some NEW tracks..... some OLD skool hits,
as always the best unheard music and some exclusive artists from
 around the world.

Why would you start your Saturday night any other way?
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 Releases you may have missed

The Philosofist - Aural Static

 photo the-philosofist-AuralStaticCover2.jpg

This second EP of the year comes from The Philosofist who is some that had become something of an enigma for me and Housefly Records until Now... I had always thought of the Music making community as a 50/50 split but Matt seems able to hop from Electronic music to Instrumental  Hip Hop effortlessly and fill all the space in between...

Aural Static is a perfect example...Hip Hop with that electronic edge and for this very reason it seemed only right to include The Philosofist aka Matt Ojeda in this very important year for Housefly...


Snooker Boys - Snooker Boys

 photo SnookerBoys.jpg

Housefly Records are proud to announce the release of the self titled snooker boys EP on the 29th of this month..... Snooker Boys is the brain child of Nelson Binda an Artist originally from Lisbon, Portugal that has bee living in Ipswich in the UK Nelson started producing in 2009 using Fl 8,9 after a suggestion from a friend and has never not look back.

After doing several Grime-influenced Projects Nelson started Snooker Boys the grime beats just were no doing it and for nelson Perfection is something he looks for in his organic producing style with musical influences such as Fatboy Slim,Garage Rock,Reggae,Ska,Old school Acid House and of course Big Beat, Nelson has introduced the world to the new sound of electro Indie... this sound heavily is influenced mostly by children's love of dancing and laughter ... so spread the love people....


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